I AM A BAD BLOGGER! CAT PARTYS FROM 6/29, 7/6, and 7/12!!

I haven't updated this in three weeks.  Sorry about that.  Here's the past three parties.  Tune in TONIGHT 7/19 at midnight for a brand spankin new episode!


1. Black Flag//Slip it In
2. Geto Boys//Damn it Feels Good to Be a Gangster
3. Fucked Up//Carried Out to Sea
4. EL-P//Deep Space 9mm
5. Green Day//Who Wrote Holden Caufield?
6. Rotten Cadaver//Rotten Cadaver
7. King Crimson//Red
8. Nas//New York State of Mind
9. Jeff the Brotherhood//Ripper
10. Flux of Pink Indians//Tube Disaster
11. Crass//Big A Little A
12. Dead Prez//Police State
13. Beat Happening//In Between
14. Dr. Octagon//Real Raw
15. Dirtbombs//Brand New Game
16. Farside//Passing Me By
17. Beatnik Termites//Charlie Brown Gets a Valentine
18. Mr. Lif//Take Hold, Fire
19. Big Drill Car//Reform Before
20. Dystopia//Sanctity
21. Iceage//White Rune
22. People Under the Stairs//Empty Bottle of Water
23. Hunchback//The Doctor
24. Del the Funky Homo Sapien//Bubble Pop
25. Shannon and the Clams//You Will Always Bring Me Flowers
26. Sage Francis//Climb Trees
27. Merchandise//I Get Lost
28. Discharge//The Nightmare Continues
29. Descendents//I'm Not a Loser

Guest starring TIM SACCO!

1. Hunchback//Worse Houses
2. Burzum//Ea Lord of the Depths
3. Pregnant//Help!
4. Meshugga//Erroneous Manipulation
5. Black Wine//End of Days
6. Onslaught//Skullcrusher 2
7. Flag of Democracy//Houses Made for Mannequins
8. Dismember//Override the Overture
9. The Dickies//Curb Job
10. Danzig//Twist of Cain
11. Off//Rat Trap
12. Celtic Frost//Into the Crypts of Rays
13. Iceage//Rotting Heights
14. CCM//Feel Like
15. Foreign Objects//Words of War
16. Doom//Means to an End
17. Kaka Hata 77//Tosi Tylsa Paiva
19. Mean Jeans//Bogus Memories
20. Cock Sparrer//Runnin Riot
21. Tenement//Stupid World
22. Bathory//Equimanthorn
23. Gorilla Biscuits//Stand Still
24. Manic Midnight//Wrong Door
25. Young Leaves//Life Underneath
26. Death//Scream Bloody Gore
27. Steve Adamyk Band//Better Off
28. Toxic Reasons//Party's Over
29. For Science//Wisdom Teeth
30. Godflesh//Streetcleaning
31. Double Negative//Endless Disappointment
32. Municipal Waste//Mutants of War
33. The Hunches//Ate My Teeth
34. Appalachian Terror Unit//Bullet and Bomb
35. The Ergs!//1000 Letters

Guest Starring DJ Jazzy Jason and THE RETURN OF DJ FANCY!!!
I really liked this dynamic and I hope it returns.

1. Shadowy Men From a Shadowy Planet//Foreign/Aft
2. Undertones//Get Over You
3. Brickmower//Slow, Too Fast
4. Cock Sparrer//Closed Down
5. Tranzmitors//Something's Going On
6. Defiance//I'd Rather Die
7. Elvis Costello//I'm Not Angry
8. Jeff the Brotherhood//Cool Out
9. Off With Their Heads//Heroin in NYC
11. The Lookouts//Living Behind Bars
12. Black Wine//Favorites
13. The Holy Mountain//...Then You Die
14. Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs//Memphis Best
15. Lemonheads//Allisons Starting to Happen
16. Hex Dispensers//My Love is a Bat
17. Agents of Satan//Joe Ryder (Doom Ryders)
18. Septic Death//Sweat of a Nightmare
19. Television//Foxhole
20. Tenement//Skyscraper
21. Dirt//Tribal Dreams
22. Government Issue//Sheer Terror
23. Bratmobile//Cheap Trick Record
24. The Charlottes//Mad Girls Love Song
25. Cannabis Corpse//Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red
26. The Animals//It's My Life
27. Doc Hopper//Bunker
28. Young Governor//I Want a Girl From Wawa
29. Gadget//Leaders of the (Rat) Pack
30. Witch//Changing
31. Sweet Baby//Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby I Love You
32. Huggybear//Hopscotch
33. Midnight//Berlin is Burning
34. The Allmighty Defenders//I'm Coming Home
35. Lemuria//Bee Spit
36. Steve Adamyk Band//Ontario