WHADDUP?  This week we had a live musical performance by Dover, NH's own Eyenine.  Eyenine is a hip hop artist with thought provoking and critical lyrics.  He has a new CD out that you can pick up at any number of places if you are interested.  Support local musicians.  Check out Flyrock Records, located in Dover.  They record and put out a ton of local music for fairly cheap and very well done.  Also here is a music video for his song "Wasted" in lieu of footage of him performing in studio!

Anyways, ON TO THE CAT PARTY! We also had former DJ FANCY/ come back and help spin some jams.  Then he fell asleep.  Good job!

1. The Men//Hated
2. Wipers//Potential Suicide
3. Tenement//Spaghetti Midwestern
4. Vivian Girls//Trying to Pretend
5. Television//Glory
6. Cloak/Dagger//Set the Alarm
7. New Creases//Come Around
8. Buzzcocks//Fast Cars
9. Chug//Iron Maiden
10. Sweet Baby//Salinas
11. White Wires//Pogo 'til I Puke Tonight
12. Lemonheads//Allison's Starting to Happen
13. Fleabag//Nevermind
14. Sludgeworth//Waste it Away
15. Libyans//Breathing In
16. Busy Signals//Tell Me
17. Mind Spiders//Going Away Tonight
18. Brickmower//Weaving
20. Dead Prez//Far From Ova
21. The Damned//Plan 9, Channel 7
22. Grand Buffet//Seek to Know
23. Kool Grad and DJ Polo//Two to the Head
24. Tyler, the Creator//Assmilk
25. Company Flow//8 Steps to Perfection
26. The Men//Gates of Steel (Devo)
28. Eunuch//Stillborn


CAT PARTY 3-23-11

I lied.  We couldn't do the show last week because of SPRING BREAK!!  So, this week we honored Women's History Month by playing all female fronted bands.  We played some great tunes and CJ made some off color remarks that probably alienated our listeners!

For some reason, the WUNH website is messed up and our show isn't archived correctly.  Hopefully that will be fixed soon, but I GUESS YOU DINKS SHOULD BE LISTENING LIVE, HUH?

Here's the playlist:

1. Sacrilege//Shadow From Mordor
2. Wolves in the Throne Room//Queen of the Borrowed Light
3. Rag Rage//Acceptance
4. The Comes//Public Circle
5. Philanthropy//Two Sides to a Coin
6. Bratmobile//Cool Schmool
7. The Hound//Big Sky Country
8. Full of Fancy//Hermit Love
9. Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation//Elimination
10. Foreign Objects//The Long Way
11. Nausea//Clutches
12. Screaming Females//No Being Disgusting
13. Dirt//Tribal Dreams
14. Libyans//A Common Place
15. Appalachian Terror Unit//Greenwashing
16. Get Laid//Fubarbarians
17. After the Bombs//Black Course of Famine
18. The 5, 6, 7, 8's//Edie is Sweet Candy
19. Fleas and Lice//Deutschland
20. The Tangled Lines//With Make-up and a Push-up Bra
21. Harum Scarum//CCTV
22. Lipstick Homicide//Bite My Tongue
23. Resist and Exist//Insurrectionist Deed
24. This is My Fist//Bad Seed
25. Witch Hunt//Blood Red States
26. Bikini Kill//New Radio
27. Conversions//Chosen Few
28. The Measure [SA]//Remember the Devilock
29. Hatred Surge//Rot
30. The Avengers//Thin White Line
31. Despise You//Unmoved/Complacent
32. Sourpatch//Fun
33. Iskra//Acceptance Not Tolerance
34. Young Skin//Uneasy
35. Gorilla Angreb//M/S Tampa
36. Crass//Penis Envy
37. Pillowfights//Good Job Fairuza Balk
38. P.S. Eliot//Augustus
39. I Object!//Intro/Like a Billboard
40. Big Eyes//Since You Left
41. Heavy Cream//Watusi
42. Shannon and the Clams//Scuffle With the Clams
43. Deathrats//Self Obsessed
44. Whirl//Meaningless

Also, Billy Raygun will NOT be performing live on air next week.  Why?  Because they are big baby twats and "have school" the next week.  Maybe they'll play in the future.  Maybe I'm too hurt to let myself fall for their lies again.  Anyways, there may be another band replacing them.  I'll let you know the details when I get them.  SEE YA NEXT WEEK.


CAT PARTY 3-9-11

Hey, sorry this is late!  I forgot to update!  I suck!  Anyways, some sweet songs and sweet banter this week.  Be sure to listen tonight as we are playing all female fronted bands in honor of Women's History Month! 

1. Black Flag//Can't Decide
2. Iskra//A Pig in Every Home
3. Witches With Dicks//Calling This Life
4. Morbid Angel//The Lion's Den
5. The Velvet Underground//What Goes On
6. Goatsnake//Slippin the Stealth
7. The Dopamines//Molly
8. Hatred Surge//Old and Tired
9. MMOSS//Grow Down
10. Ministry//Just One Fix
11. ELO//Yours Truly
12. Noothgrush//Live
13. Yuck//Shook Down but they we shut it off because they sucked and played Carbonas//Hate You
14. Carcass//Keep On Rotting in the Free World
15. The Damned//Anti-Pope
16. Isis//So Did We
17. Smith Westerns//End of the Night
18. Agoraphobic Nosebleed//Baby Cannon
19. Gorilla Biscuits//Hold Your Ground
20. Anal Cunt//I Wish My Dealer Was Open
21. The Vicious//Psychotic Minds
22. Parasytic//Egregious Blunder
23. The Ergs!//Blue
24. Artymus Pyle//Slave
25. Tyler, the Creator//French
26. Cripple Bastards//No Way
27. Lemuria//Single Mother
28. Massgrav//Nu Blaser Vi Snuten
29. Male Bonding//Weird Feelings
30. Aus-Rotten//BATF
31. Shang-a-Lang//Caught in Between
32. Concrete Sox//False Insight
33. Poison Planet//Bible Stories

(I lied about Dan Deacon's location and MMOSS having albums.  I'm not sorry.)



Porphyria - Live In Leominster, MA 9/4/2004


Here is a local death metal band from our area, New Hampshire. This band killed it back when they were still together, fast, technical, and catchy. They had a big following and were getting out there around the country. Sadly they are no more, or at least very lowly active. Check this if you like Suffocation, Morbid Angel, or Death. This is old school death metal fans paying homage with their own twist.

I got this demo from their guitar player at the brick house in Dover, NH around 2005. Good sound for a live death metal show, and the dude was one of the nicest people I ever chatted with. Cheers!


The Nightmare Continues - Demo


Alright so I have no idea when this is from other than around the early 00's. I also don't know which show I got it from, all I know is that it's pretty good for a New England grind band, and that they broke up which is always a shame. Especially when a decent grind band is involved. Check this out if you like Discordance Axis, A.S.R.A, or Insect Warefare. Thanks to RTTP.com for the picture because I can't upload the picture of the demo that I have, due to a lack of a scanner! ENJOY!


COA - Is This My World? Demo (Colin Of Arabia)


Here is a demo from the Boston, MA based band Colin Of Arabia. I'm not the biggest fan of this band, but when I saw them forever ago I picked up this demo and it actually rips.They do an Infest of Behind This Tongue on it, and was supposed to be a seven inch but whoever was supposed to put it out didn't. Any way check this out it's good.

I came across a stack of demo's i got all across New England recently, so stay tuned!!



CAT PARTY 3-2-11

Nothing new to announce this week!  Just a good old fashioned radio show filled with awesome tunes.  Billy Raygun will be performing live on the show March 22 or 29 so stay tuned for that.

1. Lifetime//Cut the Tension
2. Insect Warfare//Paranoia
3. Naked Raygun//Rat Patrol
4. Wiccans//Repetition
5. Batman & Robin//Whatever, I Hate Rock 'n' Roll
6. Kalmah//Evil in You
7. Full of Fancy//Liquid Nature/Blue Black
8. Nerveskade//Nerve Damage
9. Whirl//Child
10. Immortal//Blacker Than Darkness
11. Young Leaves//Something's Missing
12. Evil Army//Under Attack
13. Iceage//Collapse
14. Impaled//Gutless
15. The Credentials//Mark Reznik Takes 30 Guys to Beat Contra
16. Enemy Soil//Common Ground
17. Lazy Mary//Hangnail
18. Iron Monkey//2 Golden Rules
19. The Replacements//Gary's Got a Boner
20. Misery//Filth of Mankind
21. The Steinways//(My Girlfriend Is A) Crazy Fucking Cat Lady
22. G-ANX//SkitSnack
23. Earl Sweatshirt//Couch
24. Raw Power//I Do What I Like
25. Minuteflag//Fetch the Water
26. Disrupt//Crock-o-Christian
27. Cülo//Walk Into Work/Shock Troops
28. Magrudergrind//Pulverising Hate Mongers
29. Byrds of Paradise//Up and Around
30. Bolt Thrower//World Eater
31. Urban Waste//Eat Cake
32. Civil Disobedience//Manufactured Citizens
33. Serious Geniuses//Marc Attack/Part A.
34. Backstabbers Inc.//Concrete Evidence Supporting the Educational Value of Snuff Films
35. Boston Strangler//The Truth
36. Noothgrush//Jundland Wastes
37. VOM//I'm In Love With Your Mom
38. Extreme Noise Terror//Bullshit Propaganda 
39. Natural Law//Party Trick