Kung-Fu Monkeys - 1/2 Baked CD-R (2009)

1. Super Trouper (ABBA)
2. The Punisher Suite Prelude - The Pleasure Principal
3. I Touched the Face of Man
4. Disappearing Rose
5. The Things That Grow Inside Your Skull
6. But Then Again...
7. Thanks Mike
8. I'd Like It So Much Better
9. The World I Discovered Amongst the Dust Beneath the Bed
10. Nudie Suit Made of Bees
11. Persephone Please
12. Alice, After the Fall
13. Sunshine Tonight Love Theme

The Kung-Fu Monkeys (not to be confused with LOS Kung-Fun Monkeys, a ska band) are a surfy bubblegum pop-punk band from New York. They sound like a Beach Boys/Buddy Holly split played at 45 rpm.  It's awesome.  Fun, bubbly, surf pop that just makes you feel good.  This burned CD, limited to 20 copies, is a bunch of demos and rare cuts that I believe are generally from their upcoming full-length.  These songs are really stripped down versions of what The KFM usually play, but are still really awesome.  Standout tracks for me are Persephone, Please and Disappearing Rose.  These songs aren't as surfy as typical of this band, and are more like a poppier and less psychedelic The Zombies.  Oh, also, they cover ABBA. Check it out, and if you like it, find the rest of their stuff because its all wonderful.  Also, check out The Marshmallows while your at it for another dose of cavity inducing pop along the same lines.  FFO:  The Beach Boys, Buddy Holly, Ohio Express, 1910 Fruitgum Company, Undertones, Modern Lovers


CAT PARTY 11-24-10



Lemuria//Chautauqua County
EL-P//Everything Must Go
Pregnant//You Give it to Me
At the Gates//Under the Serpents Song
The Measure [SA]//Ruby is a Punk
Negazione//Qualcosa Scompare
Cock Sparrer//Droogs Don't Run
Husker Du//Afraid of Being Wrong
Man...or Astroman?//Mystery Science Theater 3000 Love Theme
Brujeria//Leyes Narcos
Dead Milkmen//Beach Party Vietnam
Blanks 77 & Showcase Showdown//Sexual Healing
King Diamond//Tea
Bratmobile//Flavor of the Month Club
Shitty Limits//In Your Shoes
Deicide//Blame it on God
Ringers//Lame Jokes and Sneers
Cult Ritual//Leather
Onslaught//Angels of Death
Buzzcocks//Noise Annoys
Unnatural Axe//The Creeper
Ted Nugent//Cat Scratch Fever
Buzzoven//At a Loss
The Crumbs//Dead Boys Too
Fugazi//Give Me the Cure
Possessed//Seven Churches
Radio Birdman//Non-Stop Girls
Deep Sleep//Real Time Blackout
Nasum//Idiot Parade
Real Kids//Do the Boob
Tyvek//Future Junk
Bathory//In League With Satan
DMZ//Mighty Idy
Monikers//Slanted Houses
Eyehategod//White Nigger
Lifetime//(The Gym Is) Neutral Territory
Crass//Do They Owe Us a Living
Bruce McCulloch//Daves I Know
Hamiltons//Class Operation
Doc Hopper//Sunny Girlfriend


Mean Jeans/White Wires Split 7" (2010)

White Wires Side: Born on a Saturday Night (Mean Jeans)
Mean Jeans Side: I Remember How (White Wires)

This 7" was released on the White Wires/Mean Jeans Euro tour this year from the German record label Ptrash.  Each side consists of one band covering a song from the other band.  The Mean Jeans version of the White Wires song "I Remember How" is far superior to the White Wires "Born On a Saturday Night" but both covers are neat.  Both these bands are two of my favorites playing music currently and you should totally check it out.  Great garage-y Ramones inspired punk rock.  FFO:  Ramones, Mummies, King Khan and BBQ Show, Marked Men


Iron Monkey - Our Problem


Iron Monkey is a killer UK sludge band with a disappointingly short catalog. This is some of the heaviest sludge and roll around. The only two LP's I know of consist of this one and their self-titled(if you know of or have anymore material drop me a line!).  The vocals are a bit on the hardcore side but, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Their releases were extremely hard to find for a while until Earache re-issued a double CD with both of their LP's on it. If you like drugs, sludge, or punching your steering wheel while driving CHECK THIS OUT. This sounds like smoking weed out a of a skull with eyehategod in a dumpster while shooting dope with buzzoven and having the melvins do lines angel dust off a Black Sabbath LP in a dirty back alley behind a dive bar.

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Lemuria - Superchunky, Lemonheads-y, Dino Jr-esque 90's indie pop love.  JUST LISTEN TO THAT NEW SONG FOR CHRISSAKES.
The Young Leaves - Probably one of the best bands from MA right now.  Do you love 90's indie rock like Archers of Loaf or Dinosaur Jr. or The Lemonheads?  SO DO THEY.
Dan Webb & The Spiders - Garage-y Indie Pop.  I've never seen them, but I bet they'll be fun.
Save Ends - New band from Boston!  Female fronted poppy-punky stuffy.

Billy Raygun - NH's best pop-punk band ever.
Brave Little Abacus - Experimental, noisy, fun and energetic
Shire - Fast, Acoustic fun stuff!

Cheeky - What the Heck (2009)

1. Look At You
2. Two Faced Basket Case
3. & 4. Pt. 1 - Is This Normal? & Pt. 2 - This is Not Normal (ripped as one track)
5. Get Off My Back
6. Can't Stand the World
7. Train Wreck
8. You'll Never Get it Right

Cheeky was a FANTASTIC poppy-punk band with rock 'n roll influences from Brooklyn, NY.  They combined really snotty/goofy vocals with sweet riffs and fun, well written songs.  They almost have a riot grrl feel to them, but way poppier and fun.  The songs all seem to be fairly negative and insulting, which is great against the happy sounding backdrop.  Real sarcastic sounding.  This record has a lot of attitude.  My favorite track(s) on this short but sweet record is the two-parter, Is This Normal?/This is Not Normal. I think the drummer does a lot of the back-ups and they compliment Kate's, the singer, lead vocals well.  I only got to see this band once, and I hadn't heard any of their material.  They blew me away but broke up shortly after I saw them.  They were so goofy and awkward in between songs, then just started shredding and looked like they were having the time of their lives.  Members from this band are in the excellent rock 'n roll band BIG EYES, and the 90's influenced BIG SODA now.  Also, Kate was in the Replacements-esque USED KIDS, who are certainly also worth checking out.  FFO: Angry Samoans, Bikini Kill, Descendents, Replacements

Their awesomely great 7" CHOKE ON A CHEESEBURGER is up for download off of the Quote Unquote Records website, and is HIGHLY recommended.  The song writing isn't as good as this record, but the songs are more fun and possibly more classic.  YOU NAMBY PAMBY!

Alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse (A.S.R.A.) - The Way Of All Flesh


ASRA is a little known grind band from NY. I found out about them due to their tour with Gridlink a couple years back. I saw them in MA and they were just as intense as this recorded material. They are far more than just a grind band they are a fantastic combination of sludge, grind, power-violence, and metal. You can hear the obvious cues they take from their influences Discordance Axis, Crossed Out, Assuck, and Brutal Truth. Check this out if grind is your jam, if not still give it a shot it will not bore you. Unfortunatly right after their mini-tour with Gridlink the band broke up, and all that is left is their recorded material.

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The Maine Coons - Gebo Single Series Flexi EP (2010)

1. H.L.I.I.G.T.F.Y.T.F.G.
2. Hey Dickhead
3. My Kinda Luv

The Maine Coons are a two piece pop-garage-punk band from Boston.  They share members of the fantastic Closet Fairies, also from Boston.  This record is on a 7" flexi disc, which is a little ridiculous but kind of neat because it has a limited amount of times you can listen to it before it starts losing sound quality. The drummer plays guitar and sings while an organ player plays along and helps with harmonies.  It is very minimal and lo-fi, but works wonderfully.  Out of these three songs, I think I like Hey Dickhead the most.  It's short and fast and to the point and a ton of fun, like the rest of this record.  FFO:  Nobunny, King Khan and BBQ, Mark Sultan, The Mummies, Harlem.

They have a link to their full length album here: MAINE COONS - S/T

G-ANX (discography)


Here we have a little known band from Sweden whose style blends d-beat, crust, grind and thrash and brings it to a whole new level. This was a CD put out by sound pollution in either the mid to late nineties or early two thousands. The band went through a complete line-up change in after their first two seven inches. The second line-up change recorded an LP than never saw the light of day but, you can hear some of this songs on this discography.  Do not miss this band it is a wonderfully diverse blend of everything the punk world has to offer!

OOP, Check eBay


Cat Party 11-17-10

This weeks episode of Cat Party is up for listening on the WUNH archives!  LISTEN NOW!!!



The Pains of Being Pure at Heart//Everything With You
Toxic Holocaust//Exxxecutioner
Marvelous Darlings//Friend of a Friend
Dead Milkmen//Big Lizard in My Backyard (REQUEST)
Blockhead//My First, Last Irish Russian Drinking Song
Darkthrone//Graves of the 80's
Dag Nasty//Can I Say
The Arrivals//Blank State
Asra//Burning Proletariat
Dillinger Four//I Was Born On A Pirate Ship
Buddy Rich Big Band//Mexicalinose
The Bananas//Gentrification for Dummies
Cro-Mags//Seekers of the Truth
Sex Bob-omb//Garbage Truck
Midnight//Black Rock 'N Roll
Big Soda//I'm Wrong
7000 Dying Rats//Strippers on Ecstacy
The Potential Johns//Past Due
House Boat//My Life Hurts
Pentagram//Too Late
Bloody Gears//End of the Line
The Ergs!//Workage
Cold As Life//My Own Worst Enemy
Shook Ones//Bird On Ice
The Queers//Don't Touch My Hat
Bolt Thrower//Rememberance
DYS//Girl's Got Limits
Not On Tour//Cut All Cords
Groucho Marxists//Side Opener
Dopamines//Public Domain
The Pillowfights//Get Outta Here

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Also, WUNH will be having a show this Friday to help support the marathon.  The cover is a $5 suggested donation, and the lineup includes local psychedelic rockers MMOSS and garage rockers THE NEEDY VISIONS!  Also playing, MANY MANSIONS!



Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys


Here is an album on Profane Existence that seems out of place but, in a good way. Suicidal Supermarket trolleys lean more toward a street punk sound rather than a heavier crust which one would think of when thinking of PE. The sides on this album were recorded at two different years the first being in 93 the second in 95. This record is awesome raw and catchy with snotty vocals the way I like my street punk and I don't particularly care for street punk. They do a great Circle Jerks cover of When The Shit Hits The Fan. I don't know much about the availability of this record due to me finding it locally for 10 bux, but I have seen it in other shops for up to 40 bux.Give this record a shot because it will grow on you for sure and you'll be looking for it before you know it!

No repress as of yet, go out to your local record store and start hunting or try eBay
PE -Check here for a repress in the future or try to board maybe someone wants to trade!

Show Review - Vaccine, Punch, Loma Prieta, Bastardswine @ Anchor's Up 11/14

So I thought I'd review a show I went to the other night since this blog is supposed to be all about music promotion.  I went and saw Western Massachusetts's heaviest/fastest current band VACCINE along with San Francisco's PUNCH who are on tour with LOMA PRIETA, also from San Francisco.  Also on board were locals, BASTARDSWINE, and DRAIZE who unfortunately had to drop.  I was bummed out that Draize had to cancel due to a medical issue with their drummer.  I was really looking forward to seeing them again after missing their set at the Mob 47 show the other day.  Draize has a new record out that you should all go buy.

Bastardswine started the show off right with heavy, Crossed Out influenced powerviolence.  They had a pretty huge reaction, which was awesome.  It's good to see younger kids into this kind of music along with all the other more popular kinds of hardcore.  They were missing their singer, and were a little sloppy because of it, but they still played like crazy.  They played a good chunk of songs and ended with what seemed like an unfinished song without vocals.

Loma Prieta was next after a long wait.  They played heavier sounding screamo kinda stuff.  Like Pageninetynine or something, but with a darker atmosphere.  I wasn't really into this band, although they did have great energy.  They played a little sloppy and their music was all over the place.  They also played a really short set which was kind of awesome.

Punch really surprised me.  I enjoyed all the recorded material from them enough, but was really interested to see how they'd be live.  Playing fast powerviolence influenced youth crew hardcore, they had a commanding energy and had the entire room moving by the second song.  They played a ton of songs off all their records.  The singer still had a foot cast on from their last tour, so she wasn't too active, but the rest of the band was jumping all over the place.  Great set.

Vaccine closed the show with their brand of heavy powerviolence.  Their set was probably about seven minutes long and was just relentless.  They are so tight and play so hard.  The music sounds exactly like the records live.  My only complaint was the singer may have lost his voice, because the vocals sounded off and less intense.

Anchor's Up is a pretty awesome place to see a show, and they have a killer record store above them.  You should check in out sometime!


The Marked Men - On b/w The Other Side 7" (2010)

1. On
2. The Other Side

The Marked Men are one of my favorite bands of the last ten years.  They play fast garage-y punk rock and roll and are fantastic at it.  This record features two songs posthumously released a couple months ago, and recorded last Christmas.  Tim Kerr from The Big Boys did the absolutely fantastic artwork.  If you've listened to The Marked Men, but not these songs, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.  I don't really have much to say about this band, other then that I think they have no bad songs.  Catchy hooks, great melodies, creative songwriting, and somehow it never gets stale.  If you like this, check out High Tension Wires, Mind Spiders, and The Potential Johns, which are all other projects by the members of this band.  LISTEN TO THIS.  FFO:  Awesome music, Chinese Telephones, The Kinks?.


The New Warden - Up On Moody EP

1. Up On Moody Getting Wrecked
2. The Best IHOP in America
3. Disinformation
4. Patron Saint of Perpetual Sausage

The kind fellas from Boston, MA, The New Warden, sent us their new EP entitled Up On Moody.  It's a very well recorded burst of Midwestern pop punk inspired punk rock.  The New Warden are definitely fans of The Lawrence Arms and Dillinger Four and if you like those bands or any of the recent wave of Midwestern Larry Arms-core (Iron Chic, RVIVR, Dopamines, Copyrights etc) you should LOVE this.  They utilize their two singers quite well, although some vocal parts sound a bit goofy.  It's all in fun, however, because this EP has so much energy to it.  They have fantastic anthem-y parts and harmonies that make me like this kind of punk.  I'm not typically to keen on bands like this but I'm liking this.  I think they have more fun with this sub genre then a lot of the current bands doing it do.  New Warden certainly has a poppier style that certainly takes influence from 90's pop-punk bands like NOFX or later Descendents.  They also have a self-aware dorkiness to them reminiscent of the best Weezer songs.  Plus, their name is an Arrested Development reference.  What's not to like?  Disinformation is a definite standout track for me.  FFO: Get Bent, Dillinger Four, Lawrence Arms, Dopamines.


Jesu - Opiate Sun

Two decades ago Justin Broadrick was in Napalm Death playing fuzzed out hyper grind for the time. Fast forward to 2009 and he has spearheaded his musical endeavors in a new direction. Godflesh was the precursor to this band (Jesu being the last name of the last track on the last Godflesh album), and this picks up where that last Godflesh album left. If you know Jesu you know the vocals are for the most part clean with droning guitars and electronic noise pulsating through the background. This album is more in the Godflesh direction of organic drums rather than a drum machine and heavy guitar work leaning away from the electronic side with the clean vocals. The only complaint I have about this album is that it is too short. FFO: Godflesh, Sunn O)), Torche, Rwake etc. etc.

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The Vicious - Igen

1. Igen
2. Masshysteri
3. Crucifying Me
The Vicious were a band from Sweden from 2004-2007.  They shared members from DS-13 and The (International) Noise Conspiracy and went on to form Masshysteri, which is also the name of a track from this 7".  They played awesome X inspired punk rock with harsher vocals and great melodies.  The songs are wonderfully catchy amidst a sense of brooding and doom saying.  Some of the songs are in Swedish and some are in English, but it really is easy to feel what they're singing about.  A lot of themes of alienation and the like, fairly typical for punk.  For fans of: X, The Observers, Red Dons, Masshysteri, first wave punk.  Anyways this record is awesome, and I'll probably put up another 7" of theirs tomorrow and maybe some Masshysteri stuff in the future.  By the way, the artwork and layout are TOP NOTCH.  The Vicious and Masshysteri have a really fantastic hand-made style to all their artwork.  Check it out:

The tracks are separated in the download into a Side A folder and a Side B folder, but the individual songs are all separate.  BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.
Finally, here's a neat video:



I promised to post mp3 of the Condensed Flesh performance on this weeks Cat Party SO HERE IT IS:


It's about 21 mins long and RAW AS FUCK.  I ripped and amplified the audio from the archived show, and since I really don't know how to do those kinds of things, its probably not the best quality.  But that's OK because it sounds pretty good to me.  

1. Asphyxiating in a Cosmic Abyss//Afterlife Denied (Eternal Anguish)
2. Familiar Looking Ghosts
3. Odysseys Through Paranoia
4. Assassins in our Midst
5. Untitled I
6. Untitled II

Thank you CJ, Jason, Brendon, and Phil for playing, and thank you Chris Bovio and Spencer Watkins for helping us set it up!  Also, thank you WUNH for giving us a means to do this and for being psyched on it.  Expect more in the future!



The Sw!ms - Ride of the Blueberry Winter

The Sw!ms//Ride of the Blueberry Winter

I'd like to share one of my favorite bands that I've recently gotten into, The Sw!ms.  They play psychedelic pop-punk, that really is incomparable to anything else.  Sharing members of An Albatross, they take that kind of off-beat style of playing and smash it into influences like The Zombies but more poppy.  They use a bunch of synths and keyboards and are REALLY into nerdy fantasy themes, so if that's appealing to you to then check this out.  Anyone into 60's psychedelic pop and modern pop-punk-esque rock should really be into this band.  The song "Sara Jean" is a really great slower paced song, and "Blood in the Lanai" almost has a Muppets feel to it if that makes any sense.  Unfortunately they are on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time.  They have several other releases, but I have not heard them yet.  Fantastic album art also, but I wish the lyrics were printed in the sleeve.  For fans of:  The Zombies, MMOSS, An Albatross

1. C'moff It
2. Blood in the Lanai
3. We Need...Lava
4. Clean Escape
5. Sara Jean
6. Depth Charge
7. C'mon Day
8. Yub-Yub
9. Knitting and Knitting
10. Vermillion Archer
11. What Place of Man
12. Truffleberry Wine
13. Be My Lava Valykerie
14. Feast of Flames
15. Lose
16. Upstate Milkmaid

Here are a couple videos for the song "Vermilion Archer" and a song not off this album entitled "Pile of Features."

Pile Of Features (Extended Cut)

The Sw!ms(are takin a break) | Myspace Music Videos



Cat Party 11-10-10

This is the first post on our new shiny blog.  We will be posting playlists, media, show postings, videos, etc.  All of this is in an effort to promote bands we think are good and deserve recognition.

Here is the playlist for Cat Party on 11-10-10.  This was a special show because we had a live band in the studio, a Cat Party first, and the first band on WUNH in a couple years apparently.  Dover metal punx, CONDENSED FLESH, came and killed it.  It went very well, and in the archive you should be able to hear the broadcast.  One of us will rip the audio and post that up here later once we figure out how.  Anyways, here is what we played and an archive of the entire show.  I, DJ FEAST, ran this entire show by myself while DJ FANCY helped set up the band, and CJDJ UNDER SIEGE played drums in the band.  So these are all my choices.  Remember, it only lasts for a week so listen now!


The Vicious//It's All a Lie
Hüsker Du//Don't Want to Know if You Are Lonely
Cheap Time//Showboat
P.S. Eliot//Tangible Romance
King Kahn and The Shrines//Welfare Bread
Cheeky//Is This Normal? pt. 1 and 2
New Creases//No Spark
Dirt Bike Annie//What's Happening, Hot Stuff?
Boris//No One's Grieve
The Thermals//Pillar of Salt
Archers of Loaf//You and Me
Paintbox//Singing, Shouting, Crying
Indian Summer//The Valley Spirit Never Dies
Guitar Wolf//Kung Fu Ramone
Government Warning//Arrested
Clorox Girls//Frightening Girl
Mogwai//Friend of the Night
Chinese Telephones//Live Like This
Pinhead Gunpowder//On the Ave.
Poison Idea//Made to be Broken
Annihilation Time//Bald Headed Woman
Get Bent//To a Buddy at War
Magnetic Fields//No One Will Ever Love You
For Science//Salutations
Sabertooth Zombie//Campaign
Fucked Up//Baiting the Public

PART 1   (starts about 5 mins in)