The Vicious - Igen

1. Igen
2. Masshysteri
3. Crucifying Me
The Vicious were a band from Sweden from 2004-2007.  They shared members from DS-13 and The (International) Noise Conspiracy and went on to form Masshysteri, which is also the name of a track from this 7".  They played awesome X inspired punk rock with harsher vocals and great melodies.  The songs are wonderfully catchy amidst a sense of brooding and doom saying.  Some of the songs are in Swedish and some are in English, but it really is easy to feel what they're singing about.  A lot of themes of alienation and the like, fairly typical for punk.  For fans of: X, The Observers, Red Dons, Masshysteri, first wave punk.  Anyways this record is awesome, and I'll probably put up another 7" of theirs tomorrow and maybe some Masshysteri stuff in the future.  By the way, the artwork and layout are TOP NOTCH.  The Vicious and Masshysteri have a really fantastic hand-made style to all their artwork.  Check it out:

The tracks are separated in the download into a Side A folder and a Side B folder, but the individual songs are all separate.  BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.
Finally, here's a neat video:

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