Alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse (A.S.R.A.) - The Way Of All Flesh


ASRA is a little known grind band from NY. I found out about them due to their tour with Gridlink a couple years back. I saw them in MA and they were just as intense as this recorded material. They are far more than just a grind band they are a fantastic combination of sludge, grind, power-violence, and metal. You can hear the obvious cues they take from their influences Discordance Axis, Crossed Out, Assuck, and Brutal Truth. Check this out if grind is your jam, if not still give it a shot it will not bore you. Unfortunatly right after their mini-tour with Gridlink the band broke up, and all that is left is their recorded material.

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  1. It always makes me a little sad to newly hear about bands well after they've split - there's no chance of seeing them play now. :\ Regardless, this was an excellent listen...thank you for posting!

  2. They have some other tracks floating around, check This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 1 they have three ragers on there. I think they have a demo somewhere as well! Cheers! Thanks for the support!