Kung-Fu Monkeys - 1/2 Baked CD-R (2009)

1. Super Trouper (ABBA)
2. The Punisher Suite Prelude - The Pleasure Principal
3. I Touched the Face of Man
4. Disappearing Rose
5. The Things That Grow Inside Your Skull
6. But Then Again...
7. Thanks Mike
8. I'd Like It So Much Better
9. The World I Discovered Amongst the Dust Beneath the Bed
10. Nudie Suit Made of Bees
11. Persephone Please
12. Alice, After the Fall
13. Sunshine Tonight Love Theme

The Kung-Fu Monkeys (not to be confused with LOS Kung-Fun Monkeys, a ska band) are a surfy bubblegum pop-punk band from New York. They sound like a Beach Boys/Buddy Holly split played at 45 rpm.  It's awesome.  Fun, bubbly, surf pop that just makes you feel good.  This burned CD, limited to 20 copies, is a bunch of demos and rare cuts that I believe are generally from their upcoming full-length.  These songs are really stripped down versions of what The KFM usually play, but are still really awesome.  Standout tracks for me are Persephone, Please and Disappearing Rose.  These songs aren't as surfy as typical of this band, and are more like a poppier and less psychedelic The Zombies.  Oh, also, they cover ABBA. Check it out, and if you like it, find the rest of their stuff because its all wonderful.  Also, check out The Marshmallows while your at it for another dose of cavity inducing pop along the same lines.  FFO:  The Beach Boys, Buddy Holly, Ohio Express, 1910 Fruitgum Company, Undertones, Modern Lovers

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