The Sw!ms - Ride of the Blueberry Winter

The Sw!ms//Ride of the Blueberry Winter

I'd like to share one of my favorite bands that I've recently gotten into, The Sw!ms.  They play psychedelic pop-punk, that really is incomparable to anything else.  Sharing members of An Albatross, they take that kind of off-beat style of playing and smash it into influences like The Zombies but more poppy.  They use a bunch of synths and keyboards and are REALLY into nerdy fantasy themes, so if that's appealing to you to then check this out.  Anyone into 60's psychedelic pop and modern pop-punk-esque rock should really be into this band.  The song "Sara Jean" is a really great slower paced song, and "Blood in the Lanai" almost has a Muppets feel to it if that makes any sense.  Unfortunately they are on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time.  They have several other releases, but I have not heard them yet.  Fantastic album art also, but I wish the lyrics were printed in the sleeve.  For fans of:  The Zombies, MMOSS, An Albatross

1. C'moff It
2. Blood in the Lanai
3. We Need...Lava
4. Clean Escape
5. Sara Jean
6. Depth Charge
7. C'mon Day
8. Yub-Yub
9. Knitting and Knitting
10. Vermillion Archer
11. What Place of Man
12. Truffleberry Wine
13. Be My Lava Valykerie
14. Feast of Flames
15. Lose
16. Upstate Milkmaid

Here are a couple videos for the song "Vermilion Archer" and a song not off this album entitled "Pile of Features."

Pile Of Features (Extended Cut)

The Sw!ms(are takin a break) | Myspace Music Videos



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