Jesu - Opiate Sun

Two decades ago Justin Broadrick was in Napalm Death playing fuzzed out hyper grind for the time. Fast forward to 2009 and he has spearheaded his musical endeavors in a new direction. Godflesh was the precursor to this band (Jesu being the last name of the last track on the last Godflesh album), and this picks up where that last Godflesh album left. If you know Jesu you know the vocals are for the most part clean with droning guitars and electronic noise pulsating through the background. This album is more in the Godflesh direction of organic drums rather than a drum machine and heavy guitar work leaning away from the electronic side with the clean vocals. The only complaint I have about this album is that it is too short. FFO: Godflesh, Sunn O)), Torche, Rwake etc. etc.

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