Negazione - Lo Spirito Continua (1986)

1. La Vittoria Della Sconfitta
2. Lasciami Stare
3. Thinkin' of Somebody Else
4. Diritto Contro un Muro
5. Niente
6. Un Amaro Sorriso
7. Straight and Rebel
8. Qualcosa Scompare
9. Lei Ha Bisogno Di Qualcuno Che La Guardi
10. Lo Spirito Continua

Negazione were a hardcore band from Italy during the '80s to early '90s.  They played ripping thrashy hardcore.  If you've never heard this record, you are in for a treat.  Great lyrics, awesome riffs, and tons of cowbell.  Recommended for anyone into hardcore at all.  FFO: Raw Power, Indigesti, DRI, Gorilla Biscuits (the vocals a bit)


CAT PARTY 5-18-11!!!!

Today's Cat Party was certainly a cat party.

1. Company Flow//Bad Touch Example
2. Paintbox//Can't Bear Any More!
3. Destruction//Mad Butcher
4. The Mummies//Food, Sickles, Girls
5. Extreme Noise Terror//Human Error
6. Devo//Girl U Want (live)
7. D.O.A.//Unknown
8. Dawn of Humans//Destroy
9. LSD//Threat and Evil Meat
10. Brain F≠//So Dim
11. Type O Negative//Dead Again
12. Career Suicide//Things Take a Turn
14. Dillinger Four//Let Them Eat Thomas Paine
15. Infest//Just Act Blind
16. Guitar Wolf//Kung Fu Ramone
17. Oiltanker//Gutted
18. The Men//Think
19. Fruit Salad//Not Fit For Nothing
20. Sticks and Stones//Less Than Free
21. Think I Care//Disease
22. Snuggle//Burn
23. Fifteen//Helter Smelter
24. Shannon and The Clams//Toxic Revenge
25. Coffins//Slaughter of the Gods '09
26. P.S. Eliot//Shitty and Tragic
27. Insect Warfare//Evolved Into Obliteration
28. Billy Raygun//Ash Heap
29. No Fucker//Absurd
30. Steve Adamyk Band//Your Only One
31. Sadistik Exekution//Bolkanik Violence
32. Lipstick Homicide//Prom
33. Nasum//Flames of the Truth
34. Southside Stranglers//Which Way's the Door?
35. Gore Beyond Necropsy//World Gas Chamber
36. World/Inferno Friendship Society//Canonize Philip K. Dick, OK?
37. Hellnation//No Life Left
38. Diarrhea Planet//Where R U?
39. Runnamucks//Inferno
40. Peach Kelli Pop//Eenie Meenie Miney Moe

Tune in next week for out Post-Rapture show!  Hopefully radios will still work...


The Hanson Brothers - Gross Misconduct 7" (1992) and The Hockey Song 7" (1996)

Gross Misconduct
1. Blitzkrieg Hops
2. You Are Not For Me
3. Bad

The Hockey Song
1. The Hockey Song
2. The Enemy (D.O.A.)

Like hockey? Beer? Canada? THE RAMONES?  Then you will LOOOOVE this. Vancouver's The Hanson Brothers, aptly named after the characters from the film Slapshot, bring you Ramones-core pop punk all about HOCKEY and BEER!  This band is a fun side project of Nomeansno formed around 1984 and still play every now and then to this day.  These seven inches are singles from two of their full lengths, so go find those if you wanna hear more.  Check it out for something fun and silly, but still totally great punk rock.  FFO: The Ramones, Hockey, Beer


Pegboy - Three Chord Monte (1990)

1. Through My Fingers
2. My Youth
3. Fade Away
4. Method

Pegboy was a band from Chicago who formed out of the awesomely fantastic Naked Raygun.  Pegboy features their ex-guitarist and later a bass played from Naked Raygun as well.  Other members of the band were in Bhopal Stiffs as well.  This is great melodic punk stuff that you should definitely check out if you haven't heard of it.  Great vocals, great melodies, and wonderfully cool Husker Du like guitar sounds.  FFO: Husker Du, Dag Nasty, Naked Raygun, Sludgeworth



Cat Partly!  Unda Siege couldn't make it, so tonight you have to listen to all MY picks!  HAHAHAHA

1. King Khan and BBQ Show//Shake Real Low
2. Chinese Telephones//Let Me Call You Back, My Stories Are On
3. Cold Warps//Stupid Tattoos
4. The Damned//I Just Can't Be Happy Today
5. Kung Fu Monkeys//Chapel Hill Surf City/Candy Shoppe (Twice)
6. The Ergs!//It'll Be Ok
7. Lilys//Ginger
8. Charlie Brown Gets a Valentine//Caffeine at Night
9. The Aquabats//Radiation Song
10. Pains of Being Pure at Heart//The Body
11. Career Suicide//Cherry Beach
12. Sinkhole//Anyhow, Anyway
13. Dum Dum Girls//There is a Light and It Never Goes Out (Smiths)
14. Operation Ivy//Sleep Long
15. Lost Sounds//I Sit, I Watch, I Wait
16. Wavves//TV Luv Song
17. Catholic Boys//I Am TV
18. Dead Kennedys//Jock-O-Rama
19. White Wires//Girly Girly Girly
20. Peach Kelli Pop//Bunny Luv
21. Pissed Jeans//Lip Ring
22. The Measure [SA]//Workage/Get it Together
23. Four Eyes//S.O.S.
24. MMOSS//Come What May
25. Lemuria//Expert Herder
26. Doughboys//Can't Find the Day
27. Masshysteri//Valkommen Till Verklighten
28. Young Leaves//Am I Cool?
29. Black Wine//Tornado
30. Full of Fancy//Hermit Love
31. Magic Kids//Skateland
32. The Swarm//Fucking Invincible at 1 am
33. Wasted Time//White Noise
34. Omegas//Excessive Force
35. Sam Cooke//Twistin' the Night Away

DJ GUNJUMPER (Matt) helped.  Thank you to him.  See you nerds next week!


CAT PARTY 5-4-11!

Here is this week's installment of Cat Party for your listening pleasure!

1. The Hamiltons//Tearin' Tickets in Kuwait
2. Misery//Filth of Mankind
3. The Hex Dispensers//Loose My Cool
4. Capitalist Casualties//Planned Community
5. Vivian Girls//I Heard You Say
6. Machetazo//La Cara Mazada a Golpes
7. Blotto//My Wretched Shadow
8. Extortion//Shit for Brains/Fucked in the Head/Pathetic
9. Marvelous Darlings//The Swords, The Streets
10. As Long As We're All Living We're All Dying//Air Israel
11. The Fatal Flaw//Shake Like Tremelo
12. Morbid//Winds of Funera
13. Cheap Time//Showboat
14. Sodom//Through Toxic Veins
15. Iron Age//Dispossessed
16. Repulsion//Radiation Sickness
17. Green Day//Don't Wanna Know If You Are Lonely (Husker Du)
18. Terrorizer//Dead Shall Rise
19. Statues//Distance Duration
20. Master//Funeral Bitch
21. Boris//Ka Re Ha Te Tasa Ki (No One's Grieve)
22. Filthy Christians//Party and Fight for Your Right
23. Bad Banana//Boys With Girlfriends
24. Deviated Instinct//The Resurrection
25. Colleen Green//Y Do U Call Me?
26. Autopsy//Stillborn
27. OFF!//Poison City
28. Electro Hippies//Freddies Revenge
29. Cloak/Dagger//Kamikazes
30. Sacrilege//SOME SONG
31. Bad Brains//Pay to Cum
32. Metallica//Phantom Lord
33. Smart Cops//K.O.P. (Kings of Punx)
34. Immortal Technique//Peruvian Cocaine