CAT PARTY 5-4-11!

Here is this week's installment of Cat Party for your listening pleasure!

1. The Hamiltons//Tearin' Tickets in Kuwait
2. Misery//Filth of Mankind
3. The Hex Dispensers//Loose My Cool
4. Capitalist Casualties//Planned Community
5. Vivian Girls//I Heard You Say
6. Machetazo//La Cara Mazada a Golpes
7. Blotto//My Wretched Shadow
8. Extortion//Shit for Brains/Fucked in the Head/Pathetic
9. Marvelous Darlings//The Swords, The Streets
10. As Long As We're All Living We're All Dying//Air Israel
11. The Fatal Flaw//Shake Like Tremelo
12. Morbid//Winds of Funera
13. Cheap Time//Showboat
14. Sodom//Through Toxic Veins
15. Iron Age//Dispossessed
16. Repulsion//Radiation Sickness
17. Green Day//Don't Wanna Know If You Are Lonely (Husker Du)
18. Terrorizer//Dead Shall Rise
19. Statues//Distance Duration
20. Master//Funeral Bitch
21. Boris//Ka Re Ha Te Tasa Ki (No One's Grieve)
22. Filthy Christians//Party and Fight for Your Right
23. Bad Banana//Boys With Girlfriends
24. Deviated Instinct//The Resurrection
25. Colleen Green//Y Do U Call Me?
26. Autopsy//Stillborn
27. OFF!//Poison City
28. Electro Hippies//Freddies Revenge
29. Cloak/Dagger//Kamikazes
30. Sacrilege//SOME SONG
31. Bad Brains//Pay to Cum
32. Metallica//Phantom Lord
33. Smart Cops//K.O.P. (Kings of Punx)
34. Immortal Technique//Peruvian Cocaine

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