Today's episode featured a live performance from Portsmouth, NH's own pop-punk whippersnappers BILLY RAYGUN.  They played almost a solid 30 minute set and it totally ruled.  PLUS they played a Green Day song!  WOW!

Thank you very much David, Zac, Cakes, and Nate for playing so late at night and for dealing with us making fun of you the whole time.  It's all in good fun, RIGHT?  Check out Billy Raygun's website for all their songs and info about where they are playing next and how to buy their stuff.  Also, thank you Spencer for helping set up.

PART TWO (Raygun starts about 5 mins in)

1. Slayer//South of Heaven
2. Dear Landlord//I Live in Hell
3. Lou Reed//Satellite of Love
4. English Dogs//Free to Kill
5. Pinhead Gunpowder//At Your Funeral
6. Digger//Geek Love
8. The New York Dolls//Trash
9. The A.G.s//Hurt a Cop
10. X-Ray Spex//Germ Free Adolescents
11. Amebix//ICBM
12. Sham 69//Hersham Boys (live)
13. Mean Jeans//Steve Don't Party No More
14. J Church//Ivy League College
15. His Hero is Gone//Like Weeds
16. Nausea//Sacrifice
17. Barrakuda McMurder//Prelude to Some Bullshit
18. Chinese Telephones//Tell Me Tell Me
19. The Credentials//Name Tags and Hairnets
20. The Ergs!//Extra Medium
Set List:
Katie the Waitress
The Future's for Futurists
Worst Day of My Life
Stuart and the Ave. (Green Day)
The Plan
Same Animal, Different Disorder
Absolutely Not
Ash Heap
I'm Gonna Land This Plane or Die Trying
Toby's Song
22. Cock Sparrer//Runnin' Riot (live)
23. Venom//Welcome to Hell
24. Thin Lizzy//Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed
25. Ren and Stimpy//Canadian Kilted Yaksmen
26. For Science//Leaving New Brunswick
27. Concrete Sox//Eminent Scum
28. Descendents//Hope (live)
29. Copyrights//Kids of the Black Hole
30. Delay//71 N
31. Screeching Weasel//I Wanna Be Naked

Again, an isolated mp3 of the Billy Raygun set will be up soon, and you will be able to own a cassette of the recording after that!  Thanks again!  See you next week.


Frogball - Sonofabitchbastard (2008) + BONUS

1. Hey, Mildred
2. Note to Self
3. Yeah It's Me, Neil
4. Fuck
5. Quit Everything
6. Breakfast With Rockstars
7. Frogball Rockout
8. Unemployed
9. Real American
10. Friday Night
11. Stinkin' Up the Weekend
12. Couch Life
13. Quit Everything (Demo)
14. Fuck (Demo)
15. Frogball Rockout (Live on WERS)
16. Fuck (Live on WERS)
17. Unemployed (Live on WERS)
18. Real American (Live on WERS)
19. Friday Night (Live on WERS)
20. Stinkin' Up the Weekend (Live on WERS)
21. Couch Life (Live on WERS)

Frogball was a short lived band from Bellingham, MA/Worcester, MA.  They played stupid as fuck pop punk with a lot of hardcore influence.  Frogball has very short songs about smelling bad, wanting nachos, being lazy, hanging out, and drinking.  Stuff I can totally get behind.  The songs are catchy, fun, and great to sing along to.  They are definitely one of my favorites ever to come from MA and possibly one of my favorite bands ever.  "Fuck" may be one of the best songs ever written as it has withstood the very rigorous test of being listened to upwards from 72 times in a row, while screaming every word, drinking multiple 40oz's, and putting holes in an apartment ceiling while fist pumping.  Sounds as fresh and good as it ever did.  This release contains ALMOST everything the band did.  The name of the album, and the first three songs, are quotes from the best movie ever Dirty Work, directed by Bob Saget and starring Norm MacDonald.  If you haven't seen it, what are you stupid?  However, this is the SECOND best album about Dirty Work, the first being some bullshit from some bullshit Canadian band.  Anyways, I'm rambling here. Just listen to this and fall in love.  FFO: Dolarhyde, TKC, Kill Conrad, Screeching Weasel, Angry Samoans, Descendents, Beavis and Butthead, Nu-Metal


Here is the Dolarhyde/Frogball split cassette that was limited to 100 or something and released after the band broke up.  Songs are still awesome.  What a shame.  THIS IS NOT MY RIP!

Frogball/Dolarhyde - Summer Tour 2009 Cassette


CAT PARTY 4-20-11


1. Buzzcocks//Just Lust
2. The FUs//My America
3. Young Skin//Dr. Liar MD
4. Iron Maiden//Die With Your Boots On
5. The Smugglers//Pebble Beach
6. Celtic Frost//Eternal Summer
7. Leeway//Mark of the Squealer
8. Kreator//Ripping Corpse
9. Vacation//Ratrick's Day 2k9
10. Neanderthal//Brain Tourniquet/Mind Eraser/Kill Eat Breed
11. Burn//...Shall Be Judged
12. Raw Power//No Place to Hide
13. Smart Cops//Facile Bersaglio
14. Sacrilege//Violation of Something Sacred
15. Ex Humans//See You Around
16. The Accüsed//Lifeless Zone
17. Chronic Sick//Dress Code
18. Toxic Holocaust//War is Hell
19. Superchunk//Horrow Business (Misfits)
20. Reagan Youth//Get the Ruler Out
21. Pegboy//My Youth
22. Slayer//Hardening of the Arteries
23. Black Sabbath//Sweet Leaf (4/20)
24. Hawkwind//The Golden Void Part Two
25. The Trashwomen//Peter Gunn
26. King Diamond//Abigail
27. Bad Sports//On Video
28. Aghast//Flies Feast
29. Replacements//Takin' a Ride
30. Ghost//Stand By Him
31. Rich Kids on LSD//Scab On My Brain
32. Dystopia//Illusion of Love
33. Devo//Shrivel Up
34. ASRA//Pig Squealer
35. The Beat//Walking Out On Love
36. Napalm Death//C.S.
37. Radio Birdman//Non-Stop Girls


CAT PARTY 4-13-11!

CAT PARTY!  Today's show was alllll over the place, but in a good way.  Probably.

1. Shannon and the Clams//The Cult Song
2. Negazione//La Vittoria Della Scofitta
3. Statues//Side Reflux
4. The Conditionz//Minnesota Strip
5. The Germs//Lexicon Devil
6. Motorhead//Iron Fist
7. Choke Up//Save
8. Neurosis//Reasons to Hide
9. Vacation//Heterosexual Lion
10. Otis Redding//I've Been Loving You Too Long
11. Go Sailor//Together Forever In Love
12. Poison Idea//The Badge
13. Brick Mower//Looks Like What Gives
14. Midnight//Hot Graves
15. Husker Du//Celebrated Summer
16. Rudimentary Penii//Teenage Timekiller
17. The Young Leaves//How Badly Do Things Suck Right Now?
18. Concrete Sox//Prophecy
19. Billy Raygun//Machine
20. Tranzmitors//Alma Blackwell
21. Assfort//Bark Up the Wrong Tree
22. Black Wine//Pick at Pieces
23. Bootsy Collins//Subliminal Seduction
24. Night Birds//Thrilling Murder
25. Raw Power//I Do What I Like
26. Sonic Avenues//On Your Grave
27. Infezione//Istituzione "Macho"
28. Black Flag//No Values
29. Morbid Angel//Curse the Flesh
30. Tenement//Summer Street
31. Pain Teens//Pleasure of the Flesh
32. Old Sarum//The Obstruction Between Our Heads and Our Hands
33. Suffocation//Thrones of Blood
34. Morne//Truth is Light
35. Assuck//Socialized Crucifixion
36. Ghoul//Splatter Thrash


Friday, April 15th@DOS AMIGOS in DOVER: Brave Little Abacus (NH), and Shire (NH/MA).  Starts at 9.  IS FREE.

Saturday, April 16th@SLAUGHTERHOUSE5: Brick Mower (NJ), The Young Leaves (MA), Billy Raygun (NH), Beat Surrender (MA).  Starts at 7, donations for bands welcome.

Sunday, April 17th@Fury's Publick House: Condensed Flesh (NH) and a bunch of shitty bands.  Condensed Flesh is on at 3 pm!  5-ish bucks.  GO SEE THEM THEN COME TO THIS:

Sunday, April 17th@SLAUGHTERHOUSE5: Night Birds (NJ), Black Wine (NJ), The Migs (NH). Starts at 4pm SHARP.  5 bucks for bands to get in.

See you next week!


Cat Is The Bastard First Release!

With the first release of Cat Is The Bastard (Under Siege's small time cassette label) I have opened a store to buy the cassettes that I currently have. The store will be updated with each release or new tape that comes into my possession.


Go Sailor - Don't Go 7" (1996)

1. Don't Go
2. Ray of Sunshine
3. Together Forever In Love
4. Every Day

Go Sailor were an indie-pop/twee band on Lookout! Records in the late '90s.  They share members from the awesome Tiger Trap, who sound pretty similar.  They also shared members with Crimpshrine, The Softies, and Henry's Dress.  This is adorable girl fronted pop at it's best.  SO CATCHY.  Really light sounding guitars and fast drumming make it really poppy.  REALLY POPPY.  Awesome riffs and tons of hooks.   It makes you just wanna dance! The lady from this band also has a wonderful voice.  "Together Forever in Love" is my JAM.  They have recently started playing some shows again, although I'm not sure if it's going to be a full time deal.  They are playing in NYC May 19th at the NYC POPFEST.  Soooo if you're in the area check out a band that will probably never play again!  FFO: Tiger Trap, Talulah Gosh, Cub, Lemuria, Vivian Girls


Dillinger Four - Higher Aspirations Tempered and Dismantled (1995)

1. Shotgun Confessional
2. Unemployed
3. Smells Like OK Soda
4. One Trick Pony

I don't really know what to say about Dillinger Four that hasn't already been said.  If you're checking out this blog you should probably already know this band.  D4 are from Minneapolis, MN and play gruff, raw, and fast pop-punk.  They play a style that has been aped and poorly imitated by hundreds of bands of recent memory, but this is the original and the real deal.  I love the dual vocals, switching between melodies and aggression.  The music is the same way; nice melodies and fast aggressive punk.  The lyrics are very tongue in cheek and satirize modern society and government. Y'know, and pop punk stuff like being poor and lonely.  This is their first release, as far as I can tell, and its definitely a good one.  This stuff is on the "This Shit is Genius" LP that collects their splits and 7" so you may already have this, but whatever.  It's still great.  The band is still around from time to time, and put out the wonderful "C I V I L W A R" in 2008.  Members play in a couple other bands, but Paddy plays in The Arrivals, who you should definitely check out, and Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, who shares members of Crimpshrine!  FULL CIRCLE!  Sorry I don't have a better picture, my scanner is broken.  FFO: The Midwest, Crimpshrine, Toys That Kill, Green Day, Pop-Punk, Latterman


Crimpshrine - Quit Talkin' Claude EP (1989)

1. Butterflies
2. Situation
3. Easy Answers
4. Inspiration

Crimpshrine was a band from the Berkeley, CA area in the late '80s/early '90s that was hugely influential on bands in the area and in punk rock in general.  Members went on to form/play in bands such as Pinhead Gunpowder, Fifteen, Tilt, Sweet Baby, Astrid Oto, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, Thorns of Life, and even Screeching Weasel.  Aaron Cometbus, the drummer, has been in a billion bands since Crimpshrine and publishes the amazing Cometbus zine, still to this day, tracking his adventures over the years.  The band was hugely influential on giants and contemporaries such as Green Day and Operation Ivy.  Their sound is very uniquely their own and modern bands such as The Credentials, Witches With Dicks, Chinese Telephones, Shang-a-Lang, among others, owe their entire existence to this band.  Needless to say this is an important band and this is an important record.  Messy, raw, punk sounding pop-punk.  Calling it pop-punk would be wrong I think however.  It's just poppy punk before there was a name for it.  GET THIS IF YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD IT.  FFO: Witches With Dicks, Screeching Weasel, Fifteen, Green Day

Here is an interview with them from a 1988 issue of Maximum Rock'N'Roll:

CAT PARTY 4-6-11!

Feelin' fine!

1. Ipissimus//The First Secret of Fatima (possibly incorrect)
2. Bratmobile//Cherry Bomb
3. Impetigo//Dis-Organ-Ized
4. Pregnant//Skin Display
5. Noothgrush//LIVE SONG
6. Breathing Fire//Capo Morra
7. Brujeria//Machetoz
8. Forward to Death//Speedwell
9. Neil Young//Like a Hurricane
10. Hunx and His Punx//Keep Away From Johnny
11. The Fake Boys//Raymond and James
12. Rwake//Leviticus
13. Paint it Black//We Will Not
14. John Fahey//Silver Bell/Cheyenne Medley
15. The Credentials//Routines
16. Bathory//In Conspiracy With Satan
17. Mean Jeans//Slime Time
18. Sage Francis//Stuck
19. Coke Bust//Countdown to Death
20. Eyehategod//I Am the Gestapo
21. Cancer Kids//Cancer+Kids=(          )
22. Stormcrow//Path to Defeat (LOOOOOONG)
23. Ty Segall//Girlfriend
24. Contagium//Pawns
25. Merchandise//In the Dark
26. FaceDownInShit//Ten Strip
27. The Young Leaves//Life Underneath
28. Poison Idea//Feel the Darkness
29. Lost Sounds//I Sit I Wait I Watch

Tune in next week for more wacky hijinx!!!  Or just music I guess...


PLOW UNITED - S/T (1995) and Tall Man Split 7" (1994)


1. Tour Guide at the Alamo
2. Spindle
4. Plow
5. That Girl
6. Martin
7. St. Patricks Day
8. Poison Berries
9. You Are Here
10. The Prince
11. World According to Me
12. Game of Chess

Tallman Split:

1. Reason
2. Sorority Girl
3. Firedogs Are Deaf

Tall Man:
1. Something Stupid
2. Lightning Boy
3. George

OH BOY!  Plow United (formerly Plow as detailed in a pretty funny cease and desist included in the 12") are one of my favorite bands.  Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware (we're in Delaware...) Plow United played fast, balls to the wall poppy punk with lots of hardcore influence.  They sound a bit like 90's Screeching Weasel-y punk with way more early Descendents influence and some Lifetime thrown in if that helps paint a picture.  They called it "Thrash Pop" which is fairly accurate I'd say.  Anways, you should definitely check it out and if you like it go find their other stuff.  This is definitely the best though.  The S/T record is fucking amazing from start to finish and "Spindle" is probably the best song ever.  New Jersey hardcore band Tear it Up shamelessly lifted the "if I could treat you like shit then you'd love me forever" line from that song.  The songs on the split are also good, but slower.  "Reason" is on both and you can definitely see they got tighter and faster between the time period these came out.  I included the Tall Man songs in this download too.  Tall Man were from WC and play a sort of Minutemen style punk with a lady singer.  Definitely worth checking out.  FFO: Descendents, Weston, Lifetime, Bouncing Souls, Tear it Up


SINKHOLE - Stool (1993), Donkey (1995), Queers Split (1995), and New Breath Split (1996)

Here we have four, count 'em, FOUR 45s from one of New Hampshire's best and most underrated bands, SINKHOLE.  Sinkhole came from the also great, A.G.'s from Newmarket area, NH and members went on to form Doc Hopper and The Groucho Marxists, played in The Measure [SA], and recorded/produced a bunch of sweet pop-punk albums (like The Ergs!). Sinkhole played really energetic and unique sounding pop-punk.  Hugely influential in bands like The Ergs! and Billy Raygun, who have both totally ripped them off (whether they know it or not).  So with that said you should have a slight idea of what they sound like.  Stool is a real early recording for the band.  I'm not huge on the eponymous song, but "Waterbug" and "Sneeze" are both fucking fantastic.  Donkey is awesome the whole way through, with diverse songs and great lyrics.  Love Ain't Punk is ok, skip the Queers songs and the GG Allin cover.  The split with New Breath is really good too, and New Breath themselves aren't bad.  I included the Queers and New Breath songs in this download too, by the way, because I love you.  FFO: The Ergs!, Billy Raygun, Pop-punk, Toys That Kill, Sicko

Sinkhole also has all of their full-lengths up on their website located here: http://slower.net/sinkhole/#news.  Definitely check out everything they have up there because it is all phenomenal.  Core Sample is my favorite.