PLOW UNITED - S/T (1995) and Tall Man Split 7" (1994)


1. Tour Guide at the Alamo
2. Spindle
4. Plow
5. That Girl
6. Martin
7. St. Patricks Day
8. Poison Berries
9. You Are Here
10. The Prince
11. World According to Me
12. Game of Chess

Tallman Split:

1. Reason
2. Sorority Girl
3. Firedogs Are Deaf

Tall Man:
1. Something Stupid
2. Lightning Boy
3. George

OH BOY!  Plow United (formerly Plow as detailed in a pretty funny cease and desist included in the 12") are one of my favorite bands.  Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware (we're in Delaware...) Plow United played fast, balls to the wall poppy punk with lots of hardcore influence.  They sound a bit like 90's Screeching Weasel-y punk with way more early Descendents influence and some Lifetime thrown in if that helps paint a picture.  They called it "Thrash Pop" which is fairly accurate I'd say.  Anways, you should definitely check it out and if you like it go find their other stuff.  This is definitely the best though.  The S/T record is fucking amazing from start to finish and "Spindle" is probably the best song ever.  New Jersey hardcore band Tear it Up shamelessly lifted the "if I could treat you like shit then you'd love me forever" line from that song.  The songs on the split are also good, but slower.  "Reason" is on both and you can definitely see they got tighter and faster between the time period these came out.  I included the Tall Man songs in this download too.  Tall Man were from WC and play a sort of Minutemen style punk with a lady singer.  Definitely worth checking out.  FFO: Descendents, Weston, Lifetime, Bouncing Souls, Tear it Up

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  1. Thank you so much for this review! It means the world to us, for sure.

    We're back, by the way! You heard that right...Plow United is reactivated! We're playing shows on December 30th and 31st of 2011, and more in summer 2012. New record will be recorded in 2012, as well.

    Check out more schtuff: