Go Sailor - Don't Go 7" (1996)

1. Don't Go
2. Ray of Sunshine
3. Together Forever In Love
4. Every Day

Go Sailor were an indie-pop/twee band on Lookout! Records in the late '90s.  They share members from the awesome Tiger Trap, who sound pretty similar.  They also shared members with Crimpshrine, The Softies, and Henry's Dress.  This is adorable girl fronted pop at it's best.  SO CATCHY.  Really light sounding guitars and fast drumming make it really poppy.  REALLY POPPY.  Awesome riffs and tons of hooks.   It makes you just wanna dance! The lady from this band also has a wonderful voice.  "Together Forever in Love" is my JAM.  They have recently started playing some shows again, although I'm not sure if it's going to be a full time deal.  They are playing in NYC May 19th at the NYC POPFEST.  Soooo if you're in the area check out a band that will probably never play again!  FFO: Tiger Trap, Talulah Gosh, Cub, Lemuria, Vivian Girls

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