Frogball - Sonofabitchbastard (2008) + BONUS

1. Hey, Mildred
2. Note to Self
3. Yeah It's Me, Neil
4. Fuck
5. Quit Everything
6. Breakfast With Rockstars
7. Frogball Rockout
8. Unemployed
9. Real American
10. Friday Night
11. Stinkin' Up the Weekend
12. Couch Life
13. Quit Everything (Demo)
14. Fuck (Demo)
15. Frogball Rockout (Live on WERS)
16. Fuck (Live on WERS)
17. Unemployed (Live on WERS)
18. Real American (Live on WERS)
19. Friday Night (Live on WERS)
20. Stinkin' Up the Weekend (Live on WERS)
21. Couch Life (Live on WERS)

Frogball was a short lived band from Bellingham, MA/Worcester, MA.  They played stupid as fuck pop punk with a lot of hardcore influence.  Frogball has very short songs about smelling bad, wanting nachos, being lazy, hanging out, and drinking.  Stuff I can totally get behind.  The songs are catchy, fun, and great to sing along to.  They are definitely one of my favorites ever to come from MA and possibly one of my favorite bands ever.  "Fuck" may be one of the best songs ever written as it has withstood the very rigorous test of being listened to upwards from 72 times in a row, while screaming every word, drinking multiple 40oz's, and putting holes in an apartment ceiling while fist pumping.  Sounds as fresh and good as it ever did.  This release contains ALMOST everything the band did.  The name of the album, and the first three songs, are quotes from the best movie ever Dirty Work, directed by Bob Saget and starring Norm MacDonald.  If you haven't seen it, what are you stupid?  However, this is the SECOND best album about Dirty Work, the first being some bullshit from some bullshit Canadian band.  Anyways, I'm rambling here. Just listen to this and fall in love.  FFO: Dolarhyde, TKC, Kill Conrad, Screeching Weasel, Angry Samoans, Descendents, Beavis and Butthead, Nu-Metal


Here is the Dolarhyde/Frogball split cassette that was limited to 100 or something and released after the band broke up.  Songs are still awesome.  What a shame.  THIS IS NOT MY RIP!

Frogball/Dolarhyde - Summer Tour 2009 Cassette

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