CAT PARTY 5-18-11!!!!

Today's Cat Party was certainly a cat party.

1. Company Flow//Bad Touch Example
2. Paintbox//Can't Bear Any More!
3. Destruction//Mad Butcher
4. The Mummies//Food, Sickles, Girls
5. Extreme Noise Terror//Human Error
6. Devo//Girl U Want (live)
7. D.O.A.//Unknown
8. Dawn of Humans//Destroy
9. LSD//Threat and Evil Meat
10. Brain F≠//So Dim
11. Type O Negative//Dead Again
12. Career Suicide//Things Take a Turn
14. Dillinger Four//Let Them Eat Thomas Paine
15. Infest//Just Act Blind
16. Guitar Wolf//Kung Fu Ramone
17. Oiltanker//Gutted
18. The Men//Think
19. Fruit Salad//Not Fit For Nothing
20. Sticks and Stones//Less Than Free
21. Think I Care//Disease
22. Snuggle//Burn
23. Fifteen//Helter Smelter
24. Shannon and The Clams//Toxic Revenge
25. Coffins//Slaughter of the Gods '09
26. P.S. Eliot//Shitty and Tragic
27. Insect Warfare//Evolved Into Obliteration
28. Billy Raygun//Ash Heap
29. No Fucker//Absurd
30. Steve Adamyk Band//Your Only One
31. Sadistik Exekution//Bolkanik Violence
32. Lipstick Homicide//Prom
33. Nasum//Flames of the Truth
34. Southside Stranglers//Which Way's the Door?
35. Gore Beyond Necropsy//World Gas Chamber
36. World/Inferno Friendship Society//Canonize Philip K. Dick, OK?
37. Hellnation//No Life Left
38. Diarrhea Planet//Where R U?
39. Runnamucks//Inferno
40. Peach Kelli Pop//Eenie Meenie Miney Moe

Tune in next week for out Post-Rapture show!  Hopefully radios will still work...

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