The Hanson Brothers - Gross Misconduct 7" (1992) and The Hockey Song 7" (1996)

Gross Misconduct
1. Blitzkrieg Hops
2. You Are Not For Me
3. Bad

The Hockey Song
1. The Hockey Song
2. The Enemy (D.O.A.)

Like hockey? Beer? Canada? THE RAMONES?  Then you will LOOOOVE this. Vancouver's The Hanson Brothers, aptly named after the characters from the film Slapshot, bring you Ramones-core pop punk all about HOCKEY and BEER!  This band is a fun side project of Nomeansno formed around 1984 and still play every now and then to this day.  These seven inches are singles from two of their full lengths, so go find those if you wanna hear more.  Check it out for something fun and silly, but still totally great punk rock.  FFO: The Ramones, Hockey, Beer

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