Mean Jeans/White Wires Split 7" (2010)

White Wires Side: Born on a Saturday Night (Mean Jeans)
Mean Jeans Side: I Remember How (White Wires)

This 7" was released on the White Wires/Mean Jeans Euro tour this year from the German record label Ptrash.  Each side consists of one band covering a song from the other band.  The Mean Jeans version of the White Wires song "I Remember How" is far superior to the White Wires "Born On a Saturday Night" but both covers are neat.  Both these bands are two of my favorites playing music currently and you should totally check it out.  Great garage-y Ramones inspired punk rock.  FFO:  Ramones, Mummies, King Khan and BBQ Show, Marked Men

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  1. where's this show broadcasted? durham where?