The New Warden - Up On Moody EP

1. Up On Moody Getting Wrecked
2. The Best IHOP in America
3. Disinformation
4. Patron Saint of Perpetual Sausage

The kind fellas from Boston, MA, The New Warden, sent us their new EP entitled Up On Moody.  It's a very well recorded burst of Midwestern pop punk inspired punk rock.  The New Warden are definitely fans of The Lawrence Arms and Dillinger Four and if you like those bands or any of the recent wave of Midwestern Larry Arms-core (Iron Chic, RVIVR, Dopamines, Copyrights etc) you should LOVE this.  They utilize their two singers quite well, although some vocal parts sound a bit goofy.  It's all in fun, however, because this EP has so much energy to it.  They have fantastic anthem-y parts and harmonies that make me like this kind of punk.  I'm not typically to keen on bands like this but I'm liking this.  I think they have more fun with this sub genre then a lot of the current bands doing it do.  New Warden certainly has a poppier style that certainly takes influence from 90's pop-punk bands like NOFX or later Descendents.  They also have a self-aware dorkiness to them reminiscent of the best Weezer songs.  Plus, their name is an Arrested Development reference.  What's not to like?  Disinformation is a definite standout track for me.  FFO: Get Bent, Dillinger Four, Lawrence Arms, Dopamines.

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