The Maine Coons - Gebo Single Series Flexi EP (2010)

1. H.L.I.I.G.T.F.Y.T.F.G.
2. Hey Dickhead
3. My Kinda Luv

The Maine Coons are a two piece pop-garage-punk band from Boston.  They share members of the fantastic Closet Fairies, also from Boston.  This record is on a 7" flexi disc, which is a little ridiculous but kind of neat because it has a limited amount of times you can listen to it before it starts losing sound quality. The drummer plays guitar and sings while an organ player plays along and helps with harmonies.  It is very minimal and lo-fi, but works wonderfully.  Out of these three songs, I think I like Hey Dickhead the most.  It's short and fast and to the point and a ton of fun, like the rest of this record.  FFO:  Nobunny, King Khan and BBQ, Mark Sultan, The Mummies, Harlem.

They have a link to their full length album here: MAINE COONS - S/T

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