Show Review - Vaccine, Punch, Loma Prieta, Bastardswine @ Anchor's Up 11/14

So I thought I'd review a show I went to the other night since this blog is supposed to be all about music promotion.  I went and saw Western Massachusetts's heaviest/fastest current band VACCINE along with San Francisco's PUNCH who are on tour with LOMA PRIETA, also from San Francisco.  Also on board were locals, BASTARDSWINE, and DRAIZE who unfortunately had to drop.  I was bummed out that Draize had to cancel due to a medical issue with their drummer.  I was really looking forward to seeing them again after missing their set at the Mob 47 show the other day.  Draize has a new record out that you should all go buy.

Bastardswine started the show off right with heavy, Crossed Out influenced powerviolence.  They had a pretty huge reaction, which was awesome.  It's good to see younger kids into this kind of music along with all the other more popular kinds of hardcore.  They were missing their singer, and were a little sloppy because of it, but they still played like crazy.  They played a good chunk of songs and ended with what seemed like an unfinished song without vocals.

Loma Prieta was next after a long wait.  They played heavier sounding screamo kinda stuff.  Like Pageninetynine or something, but with a darker atmosphere.  I wasn't really into this band, although they did have great energy.  They played a little sloppy and their music was all over the place.  They also played a really short set which was kind of awesome.

Punch really surprised me.  I enjoyed all the recorded material from them enough, but was really interested to see how they'd be live.  Playing fast powerviolence influenced youth crew hardcore, they had a commanding energy and had the entire room moving by the second song.  They played a ton of songs off all their records.  The singer still had a foot cast on from their last tour, so she wasn't too active, but the rest of the band was jumping all over the place.  Great set.

Vaccine closed the show with their brand of heavy powerviolence.  Their set was probably about seven minutes long and was just relentless.  They are so tight and play so hard.  The music sounds exactly like the records live.  My only complaint was the singer may have lost his voice, because the vocals sounded off and less intense.

Anchor's Up is a pretty awesome place to see a show, and they have a killer record store above them.  You should check in out sometime!

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