Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys


Here is an album on Profane Existence that seems out of place but, in a good way. Suicidal Supermarket trolleys lean more toward a street punk sound rather than a heavier crust which one would think of when thinking of PE. The sides on this album were recorded at two different years the first being in 93 the second in 95. This record is awesome raw and catchy with snotty vocals the way I like my street punk and I don't particularly care for street punk. They do a great Circle Jerks cover of When The Shit Hits The Fan. I don't know much about the availability of this record due to me finding it locally for 10 bux, but I have seen it in other shops for up to 40 bux.Give this record a shot because it will grow on you for sure and you'll be looking for it before you know it!

No repress as of yet, go out to your local record store and start hunting or try eBay
PE -Check here for a repress in the future or try to board maybe someone wants to trade!


  1. Lol, having been in this band, I can assure you that there has never been any ex-members of the subhumans in 'em!

  2. Alright hahaha, I was a bit drunk doing that review and I think I saw some family tree thing someone did online saying that you guys shared members. I'll take it out. Killer record though dude! Cheers!