CAT PARTY 3-9-11

Hey, sorry this is late!  I forgot to update!  I suck!  Anyways, some sweet songs and sweet banter this week.  Be sure to listen tonight as we are playing all female fronted bands in honor of Women's History Month! 

1. Black Flag//Can't Decide
2. Iskra//A Pig in Every Home
3. Witches With Dicks//Calling This Life
4. Morbid Angel//The Lion's Den
5. The Velvet Underground//What Goes On
6. Goatsnake//Slippin the Stealth
7. The Dopamines//Molly
8. Hatred Surge//Old and Tired
9. MMOSS//Grow Down
10. Ministry//Just One Fix
11. ELO//Yours Truly
12. Noothgrush//Live
13. Yuck//Shook Down but they we shut it off because they sucked and played Carbonas//Hate You
14. Carcass//Keep On Rotting in the Free World
15. The Damned//Anti-Pope
16. Isis//So Did We
17. Smith Westerns//End of the Night
18. Agoraphobic Nosebleed//Baby Cannon
19. Gorilla Biscuits//Hold Your Ground
20. Anal Cunt//I Wish My Dealer Was Open
21. The Vicious//Psychotic Minds
22. Parasytic//Egregious Blunder
23. The Ergs!//Blue
24. Artymus Pyle//Slave
25. Tyler, the Creator//French
26. Cripple Bastards//No Way
27. Lemuria//Single Mother
28. Massgrav//Nu Blaser Vi Snuten
29. Male Bonding//Weird Feelings
30. Aus-Rotten//BATF
31. Shang-a-Lang//Caught in Between
32. Concrete Sox//False Insight
33. Poison Planet//Bible Stories

(I lied about Dan Deacon's location and MMOSS having albums.  I'm not sorry.)


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