CAT PARTY 3-23-11

I lied.  We couldn't do the show last week because of SPRING BREAK!!  So, this week we honored Women's History Month by playing all female fronted bands.  We played some great tunes and CJ made some off color remarks that probably alienated our listeners!

For some reason, the WUNH website is messed up and our show isn't archived correctly.  Hopefully that will be fixed soon, but I GUESS YOU DINKS SHOULD BE LISTENING LIVE, HUH?

Here's the playlist:

1. Sacrilege//Shadow From Mordor
2. Wolves in the Throne Room//Queen of the Borrowed Light
3. Rag Rage//Acceptance
4. The Comes//Public Circle
5. Philanthropy//Two Sides to a Coin
6. Bratmobile//Cool Schmool
7. The Hound//Big Sky Country
8. Full of Fancy//Hermit Love
9. Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation//Elimination
10. Foreign Objects//The Long Way
11. Nausea//Clutches
12. Screaming Females//No Being Disgusting
13. Dirt//Tribal Dreams
14. Libyans//A Common Place
15. Appalachian Terror Unit//Greenwashing
16. Get Laid//Fubarbarians
17. After the Bombs//Black Course of Famine
18. The 5, 6, 7, 8's//Edie is Sweet Candy
19. Fleas and Lice//Deutschland
20. The Tangled Lines//With Make-up and a Push-up Bra
21. Harum Scarum//CCTV
22. Lipstick Homicide//Bite My Tongue
23. Resist and Exist//Insurrectionist Deed
24. This is My Fist//Bad Seed
25. Witch Hunt//Blood Red States
26. Bikini Kill//New Radio
27. Conversions//Chosen Few
28. The Measure [SA]//Remember the Devilock
29. Hatred Surge//Rot
30. The Avengers//Thin White Line
31. Despise You//Unmoved/Complacent
32. Sourpatch//Fun
33. Iskra//Acceptance Not Tolerance
34. Young Skin//Uneasy
35. Gorilla Angreb//M/S Tampa
36. Crass//Penis Envy
37. Pillowfights//Good Job Fairuza Balk
38. P.S. Eliot//Augustus
39. I Object!//Intro/Like a Billboard
40. Big Eyes//Since You Left
41. Heavy Cream//Watusi
42. Shannon and the Clams//Scuffle With the Clams
43. Deathrats//Self Obsessed
44. Whirl//Meaningless

Also, Billy Raygun will NOT be performing live on air next week.  Why?  Because they are big baby twats and "have school" the next week.  Maybe they'll play in the future.  Maybe I'm too hurt to let myself fall for their lies again.  Anyways, there may be another band replacing them.  I'll let you know the details when I get them.  SEE YA NEXT WEEK.

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