CAT PARTY 6-1-11!

Pretty great episode unless you easily get offended

1. Marked Men//Get to You
2. Chronic Sick//Dress Code
3. Mean Jeans//R U Mental?
4. Buzzoven//Kakkila
5. Fucked Up//Turn the Season
6. King Generator//Broken Dreams
7. Chinese Telephones//Basement Child Super Rock Fun, Go!
8. Cancer Spreading//The Mournful Idol
9. Motorhead//Love Me Like a Reptile
10. Nerveskade//Alcoholic Over Fed
11. Face the Rail//Burnt Out
12. The Dwarves//Motherfucker
13. Bikini Kill//Suck My Left One
14. Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys//Shut Up and Drink
15. The Credentials//I Killed 122 Iraqis and All I Got Was This Lousy Engineering Degree
16. Skitsystem//Steget Efter
17. Personal and the Pizzas//I Can Read
18. Klaus Nomi//After the Fall
19. Tyler, The Creator//Transylvania
20. Atomizer//Hail Hail to the Hangman
21. Formaldehyde Junkies//Poison Control
22. Abscess//The Rotting Man (THANKS FOR THE FAKE SONG ASSHOLES)
23. Young Skin//Don't Shoot (Me an Email)
24. Ghost//Prime Mover
25. Ramones//Commando
26. Manic Midnight//Rome
27. The Dirtbombs//All My Friends Must Be Punished
28. Nuclear Assault//Justice
29. Hunchback//The Doctor
30. Machetezo//Trono De Huesos
31. Paintbox//Pressure
32. Bad Brains//Sailin' On
33. Rag Rage//Acceptance
34. Weedeater//Long Gone
35. Bent Outta Shape//Massachusetts Pleading
36. Emperor//Inna A Satana
37. Psyched to Die//Admit Defeat
38. His Hero is Gone//Angry Gods
39. CREEM//A Mean Day

Our apologies go out to Eric Clapton and his family.  Keep chasing the dream.

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