CAT PARTY 2-9-11

I'm listening to ELO right now and I feel like a million bucks. My scanner is broke so I can't show you the playlist picture like I usually do.  SORRY.

1. Misery//Full
2. Byrds of Paradise//Paradise, D.C.
3. Gorgoroth//Ritual
4. Hunchback//All That Fear Allows
5. Nomad//Counter Attack
6. Big Soda//I Know You
7. Disfear//An Arrogant Breed
8. Superchunk//Learned to Surf
9. Regurgitate//At War With Benevolence
10. Closet Fairies//Tight Lips
11. G.B.H//Hellhole
12. Sedative//Backlash
13. Cülo//Nuke Abuse Side A
14. Rag Rage//Roofie Revenge
15. Integrity//Judgement Day
16. New Lows//Plague Grounds
17. Phobia//Numb
18. Ty Segall//Imaginary Person
19. Midnight//Berlin is Burning
20. Shannon and the Clams//Cat Party
21. Benumb//Chemically Involved Circumstances
22. Big Eyes//Why Can't I?
23. Warsore//Destroy All Monsters
24. Statues//Up Time
25. 324//Terminal Chamber/Prismrider/Just Sit There
26. Pissed Jeans//Human Upskirt
27. Dystopia//Diary of a Battered Child
28. Marvelous Darlings//Lagoons
29. Dahmer//Marcel Petoit
30. Ghost//Satan Prayer
31. Discordance Axis//Ikaruga
32. Onslaught//Skullcrusher 1
33. Lemuria//Gravity/Wise People
34. Furdidurke//Crosses of No Significance
35. Black Wine//Yr Light

HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT.  Würm Tongue is playing live either next week, or the week after.  Keep your ears peeled for that.

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