Tragedy - Vengeance (2002)


This post is to meant to take a break in the black metal uploading I have been doing, (more to come!). This is tragedy a band who is playing Maryland Death Fest, with a shitload of other awesome bands including Buzzoven! Tragedy formed from the ashes of His Hero Is Gone and multiple other current punk bands. This isn't far removed from the intensity of His Hero Is Gone but does push the envelope in structure and song writing. This is their third release and is my personal favorite.
The lyrics are actually well thought out and intelligent usually containing references for those interested in the inserts of their records, so follow up! The music is fantastic fast and exhilarating for those who haven't heard it. Don't miss out on this if you enjoy metal, punk, or the d-beat. After tragedy became a current seminal band many bands began to copy the sound of these records which some refer to as the t-beat, give it a shot you won't be disappointed!


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