Egghead - Knock Off That Evil!!! (1995)


1. Neighborhood Palmreader
2. Jet Pack
3. Donna's Always Mad at Me
4. Sukeban Deka

I KNOW HOT DOGS TASTE GOOD!  Egghead was a really dorky pop-punk band from the mid '90s from New York.  Listening to them, you can definitely see where bands like The Ergs! and the Steinways picked up a lot of influence.  They definitely aren't the same in sound, but certain elements are very apparent in both like the singing and the dorky/lovey dovey lyrics.  This record shares more in common with like, The Dead Milkmen or The Angry Samoans maybe.  Its fairly slow for pop-punk, mid paced tempo maybe, with Jet Pack being an exception.  Lyrical subjects range from a love song about the local palmreader to praising the exploits of a Japanese superhero team.  Egghead is a band more newer pop-punk dudes should be aware of, and this is definitely a fun and catchy album that is worth a listen.  FFO: The Dead Milkmen, Stiff Little Fingers, Boris the Sprinkler, Angry Samoans, The Ergs!, Screeching Weasel.

Here is footage of them playing acoustically after the power went out at Insub Fest 2007:

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