Crossed Eyes - Rattled 7"(2007)

1. Rattled
2. 89th Anthem for the Walking Dead
3. Broke Bike
4. Scottish Pop

This is an interesting record that I never see mentioned anywhere.  Crossed Eyes were a band from Raleigh, North Carolina and had members from another band with an awesome name called Street Sharks.  They play a mish mash of all sorts of punk sub genres.  They generally stay around the fuzzy power pop punk kind of stuff that the Marked Men play but totally have audible influences from all over the place including British power pop and '77 punk, hardcore, and real poppy pop punk.  I saw them at a fest one year and was totally impressed.  I think they are broken up now, but the members all have new things that you should check out if you like this.  Sorry State Records has a bunch of links to said bands.  I also think this may be their only release, besides maybe some comp tracks, which is a real shame because this band is pretty fantastic.  Check it out!  FFO: The Marked Men, Chinese Telephones, The Jam, Shitty Limits

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