Squirtgun - Shenanigans EP (1995)

1. Social
2. Frederick's Frost
3. Giddy and Glum
4. Almost the Girl

This is a really fun record! Squirtgun were an early/mid 90's pop-punk band on Lookout Records from Indiana.  If you are at all vaguely familiar with the Lookout discography, you can pretty much guess what this band sounds like.  If you are listening to this and you start to think, "Hey, Cat Party, I think I've heard this song before!" ITS BECAUSE YOU PROBABLY HAVE!  The song Social is famously the intro music to the relatively unsuccessful Mallrats by Kevin Smith!  WOW!  Apparently Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day, duh) personally recommended this band to the music advisor working on the film.  Way to go Billy!  Anyways, Squirtgun play straightforward 90's poppy pop-punk.  Lighthearted and fun songs about girls and not fitting in, par for the course when it comes to pop-punk.  This is a solid pop punk record.  Social is totally a standout track, as is Almost the Girl and they coincidentally have awesome bass intros.  Frederick's Frost is faster, but has a dumb ska part in it which almost ruins the song.  ALMOST.  FFO: Green Day, Screeching Weasel, The Queers, Pop-Punk.

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