Immortal - Diabolical Full Moon Mysticism (1992)


This album is from the infamous second wave of black metal hailing from Norway. Immortal was a fantastic raw stripped down black metal band when they began slowly transforming into bullshit arena black metal rock which they now put out. This album and Pure Holocaust are my two favorite immortal albums, and yes this is the album where the video of the corpse painted which hat wearing member runs around the woods and poses with swords but don't let that discourage you! The hideous and repetitive new wave of hipster and punk black metal would be no where without the wonderful second wave of black metal. I will be uploading a select few of my favorites over the next few months.

Now to the album itself. This is the fusion of thrash and black metal that defined the genre, my personal favorite type. I personally try to avoid the bands consisting of consistent blasting and tremolo picking. The drums are a bit sloppy, but if you like punk you know that can add to an album. This is a great winter listening album get nice and cold, turn the heat off, get a buzz on and some satanic rituals!!!

The Infamous Call Of The Wintermoon Video!!!!

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