Immortal - Blizzard Beasts (1997)


Another installment of the second wave of black metal. I suppose I can explain why I am putting up black metal. The black twilight circle of L.A. is putting out some fantastic music right now which brings me back to my high school days of listening to a shit load of black metal and smoking pot until I passed out. I have my good friend Kevin to thank for all the introductions to Mayhem, Immortal, DarkThrone, Emperor, and Minor Threat without these bands I would still be the same piece of shit I am today, just with out the hobby of playing and collecting music.
But, I digress. This is my third favorite album, I can't find Pure Holocaust which means my brother has it. This album is a bit more put together than DFMM, but it is relentless. It comes with another cheesy video, but don't let that discourage you.
Oh and the site for the L.A. dudes is http://crepusculonegro.blogspot.com/ . They are sick of the re-hashed garbage and shoe-gaze bullshit being called black metal and are taking a stance! check it out!

Black Twilight Blog

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