Backstabbers Incorporated - Kamikaze Missions


Backstabbers Inc. is a local band from NH, where the writers of this blog hail from. I'm not sure how many people know about this band (hopefully alot) but they mix genre's like its their fucking job and with this album it comes to their high point. After this album and a couple tours the singer took off to join a former guitarist of BSI in Trap Them who I'm sure plenty of people know about also, the drummer for this session left after the recording to join Unearth, The Red Chord and plenty of other bands. But, enough about the history. This album RIPS from start to finish and engages the listener the whole time. I actually don't have the first track anymore (due to a this CD rip being old, and lending my brother the CD and it being ruined) luckily it was just some ambiance which did in fact add to the album so my apologies! I have a recent interview with the guitarist lying around somewhere that I will upload. The band is still together and consists of the two brothers who play guitar and sing, Nick(waranimal) on bass, and Jonah (ALWLWAD, Ramming Speed) on drums. This is a fantastic combination of crust, grind, and punk which does not disappoint. If anyone is interested in anymore albums I have a few kicking around that I could upload after (just comment!)  

I got to see their "last" show in Boston which had almost every ex-member present and it was one of my favorite shows of all time, they still rip today especially with their drummer who is phenomenal! And I guess they have a new album coming out in the future? The video below is a new song.

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