Dr. Dooom - First Come First Served


Dr. Dooom is a moniker of Kool Keith the rapper who got his start with the Ultra-Magnetic Mc's who wrote some of the best underground hip hop in the mid 80's. Keith went on from this band do his solo career starting with Kool Keith and then branching off to Dr. Dooom, Dr. Octagon, and Nogatco Rd. He intertwines all of these personalities on his albums. This is his first album as Dr. Dooom and as much as I hate genre's i believe this embodies the Horrorcore hip hop tag. Rumor is that Dr. Octagon is his persona when he smokes PCP and writes his material, there is defiantly some drug use going on in this album due to the level of bizarreness in the lyrics, beats, and overall theme and flow of the album. The first five track are the stand outs of the album, while Apartment 223 is the best track for sure. Check this out even if you don't listen to hip-hop it might be right up your alley!
If you like this check out the Ultramagnetic MC's, Dr. Octagon, or Company Flow. Keep good hip-hop alive, fuck Mikki Nimaj!!

OOP, but check here to buy it!

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