Carcinogen - Demo (1992)


As promised here is the Carcinogen demo. This is Dystopia before they were Dystopia, so I hope you enjoyed that post. This is the foundation on which Dystopia built their unique sound, but differs in the fact that it leans more towards punk influenced death metal. This is awesome I mean really awesome, perfect crossover between punk and heavy metal for sure and done in a much different way than you are thinking when reading crossover, no element of DRI exists in this recording. The sound could be a little better and I am embarssed that it is not my own copy of the material, but I feel as though if anyone did appreciate the Dystopia post this will be appreciated just as much. Anyway get your pile of drugs that you bought with your christmas money and the six pack your friend left because he had to get away from his parents right after he//she opened their gifts sit back and listen to some tunes!

Better check eBay, this is LONG OOP

Peep this video for a killer cover of Venom-Buried Alive!!

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