Dystopia - Dystopia


I'm bending the rules a little bit here, but its crust-mas so who cares! This is the final chapter in the outfit of Dystopia's releases and it is nothing short of killer. Heavy down-tuned anthems of being depraved, drug addled, and miserable. These themes are not the only negativity embodied throw in hatred for EVERYONE and all technology and you have yourself a top-notch album. If you know this band you know what your getting yourself into heavy, down-tuned flowing sludge/punk. If you enjoy this and are looking for similar material the drummer is in a handful of new bands, Ghoul , Asunder , and Carcinogen (Dystopia before they were dystopia, don't worry I will upload there only demo in the next couple of weeks because it rules!). Don't miss this album download and do yourself some hard drugs!


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